Freedom Over Security


Nothing in life is secure. You could work for the best company and get fired. You could start your own company and fail. You could be with someone you love only to see them leave you. Security is not something to cling to.

The only person you should be secure about is yourself.
Yet so many people don’t believe in themselves.

If you cling to security you miss adventure. You stay in your bubble always scared to experience the world beyond your environment. Only because someone has grey hair and has existed a long time doesn’t mean they’ve lived life. It takes courage to live life.

To love and to trust.

I’ve only told a few close friends this but a few months ago I went to a nude beach. I’ve never felt more vulnerable than being nude in front of hundreds of people. I wanted to do it for the simple fact that it scared me. I did it and it turned out to be quite liberating.

Instead of seeing situations as fearful and uncertain, try to see the wonder in them.

To truly live life, you need courage.

Courage is about stepping into the unknown, the uncomfortable, the unfamiliar.

The greatest adventures in my life have come from taking a risk.

The word courage comes from the latin word heart. Following your heart is a courageous act. It’s about letting your heart lead you into the unknown.

But the heart has an opponent. Where the heart wants to lead the mind wants to keep you safe. The mind only knows the world through past experience.

I’ve known brilliant people. People that can pass any test with 100% accuracy yet they’re stuck in a job doing something they hate. Because they’ve never listened to their heart.

The mind is often too intelligent and too logical for it’s own good. The mind hates taking a risk. Yet the heart doesn’t concern itself with risk. It’s a gambler. The heart made me open my first business.

This is what Steve Jobs meant went he said:

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

But it’s no guarantee. The path you go down may be the wrong path but one door will lead you to the next door until you find it.

That’s personal growth and no failure is a waste.

So let out your inner adventurer. Sail your ship into the unknown. Because once you’ve had the taste of freedom you’ll never go back. Because no one ever goes back.

Micheal Gerber talks about the man who left the valley to climb the mountain. Everyone in the valley was scared of the mountain. Everyone told the man he was crazy for even considering climbing the mountain. They believed that people who climbed the mountain where foolish because everyone in the valley knew that people who climbed the mountain never came back.

People will work a job they hate their whole life only to feel safe. They stay in the valley and as a result they never get to experience the wonder that comes with courage. They never get to experience life to the fullest.

It’s not uncertainty, it’s wonder.
It’s not insecurity, it’s freedom.

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