Why Freelancers Often Just Scrape By


The cycle goes like this:

You’re not busy enough so you start marketing yourself. You ask for referrals. You make an extra effort to turn your existing clients into raving fans. Maybe you send out a few emails, have a few meetings.

Which leads you to get busy. But now the cycle switches.

The marketing, the emails, the meetings all stop. Since there’s only so much time in the day. The more clients you take on the less attention you can give to each individual client. Leaving your existing clients feeling like they don’t matter. Which leads them to quit.

Which finally leads you to not being busy again. And the cycle continues.

To break the cycle:

  1. You need to understand what your clients value and what they are really paying for. You may be surprised.
  2. Figure how you can give them that value in the most efficient and consistent way possible.
  3. Look at your schedule and figure out how many more clients you can take on without it affecting your existing clients.
  4. Figure out how much they should be paying for this.

Maybe it’s not more clients you need, maybe it’s a better way of operating.

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