How to Get Traffic to Your Blog


Here is a simple post about how to start your blog and here is a list of things to remember before launching.

Here is a list of ways to get traffic to your blog:

  1. Write about what people are talking about
  2. Teach something you’ve learnt
  3. Use lists
  4. Become an expert on a narrow topic
  5. Write posts that will last forever
  6. Write about the future
  7. Encourage others to blog
  8. Link to stuff your readers will love
  9. Tell your trade secrets
  10. Write about life
  11. Tell stories that resonate
  12. Improve your writing
  13. Get on the top blog lists
  14. Show the facts
  15. Write personal stories
  16. Encourage readers to signup for email updates
  17. Link to well known people saying important things
  18. Write about things you notice
  19. Call other bloggers out on what you disagree with
  20. Be vulnerable
  21. Be controversial
  22. Write posts that are worth sharing
  23. Give your opinion about what’s going on in the news
  24. Make your content useful
  25. Use headlines that pull people in
  26. Link to stuff that makes your readers feel something
  27. Give credit to other bloggers that inspire you
  28. Be consistent
  29. Use photos you love
  30. Answer your emails
  31. Be interesting
  32. Be patient

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