Going back to the source

Imagine a caveman pointing at a river and making a sound to his family Waaahhhhherrr.

The next time the family sees a river they repeat the word with a slight alteration. Eventually when enough people use it, it becomes a recognizable word as “water”. There would have been a group of words passed down by generation moving from a few simple sounds to the complex webb of words we weave together today to explain everything. Technology has moved fast but words ideas and concepts have too. To the point where we forget where the source of knowledge comes from. We get caught up in the technology of language to explain a concept meanwhile blurring the intuitive reality.

As humans we see the world first in function. When we see a foreign object we think “what is that for? We are the tool animals once we figure out a function we give it a new name.

For example, we chop down a tree and we call it a log. Then we lay it on its side, someone uses it to sit and we call it a bench. We cut a groove in that same bench and call it a seat. Meanwhile it’s really just a tree. The form has simply changed.

Same thing with ideologies. When Lao Tzu wrote “the tree that doesn’t bend breaks with the wind” he wasn’t just talking about a tree. He was stating a universal truth of life.

We all know the consequence of being too stiff, too stubborn in our views. Your health will suffer and so will your relationships. You must stay flexible in order to adapt an ever changing world.

Whether the question is about how to exercise, how to eat or how to live – it can all be found at the source. Nature is the source.

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