It’s hard to compete against someone who loves what they do


I once helped someone who lost their job start a business. Their previous job was cleaning so the logical step was to start a cleaning business and that’s what he did. I referred him a few people and he was in business. Over the next few months he was booked solid. I suggested he start hiring staff so he could liberate his time to work on the business and he did. But as his business grew so did his hate for cleaning and it was starting to show. Customers started to complain of jobs poorly done and he became very overwhelmed with the whole thing. He started to hate his life and one day he gave it all up.

It was a learning lesson for me that the starting point to creating any company is in the founders heart. When you don’t feel fulfillment in the problem you are solving it takes from you and feels like slavery. But when you’re solving a problem that’s dear to your heart it gives you life turning work into play.

And the thing about play is that you feel like playing all day – making it really hard for anyone to compete against you.

To me, the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.

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