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Billionaire Ray Dalio was doing an interview about his new book Principles which I thought was so so. But when he was asked about how his health and fitness contributes to his success. Ray was so on point. Ray answered that taking care of his health was the foundation of it – the core of everything that trickles into other aspects of his life and the way he thinks.

It’s true, entrepreneurs that don’t take care of their health are leaving so much money, clarity and joy on the table. But the worst part is that they have no idea exactly how much it’s costing them.

Your body is your vessel that controls your brain chemistry. An unhealthy brain has low output. Solutions to problems seem fuzzy, anxiety builds up, creativity takes a dive. Sex hormones drop affecting your love life. Energy levels are inconsistent making you too drained to play with your kids at night.

You think you’re fine but you can’t assess it. You’re brain is your control centre and it’s sick. It’s like trying to bite your own teeth, you just can’t do it. You can’t assess it because it’s the assessor and it’s faulty in it’s thinking.

When you don’t exercise, eat right or don’t manage your stress well you’re wasting so much of your potential. You could be performing 10x more out of your business and daily life.

The only way to see the difference is to experience the difference.

Most people don’t know where to start. Still stuck trying to decipher what the best methods are.

Take your own business advice and stop thinking and start doing.

Start with a walk every day.
Start with a carb free breakfast.
Start with 10 minutes of meditation.

These are good starting points.

The key thing to keep in mind is to make this change a lifestyle and not just a goal to achieve.

And remember this: Consistency always trumps intensity.

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