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Hidden Gems

Inside of you lies hidden gems waiting to be discovered.
Hidden gems are assets you possess that provide value to others. They’re like your human specs combining skills, knowledge, reputation and connections. And if used properly can open up endless opportunity for you. Here’s an example:
A friend of mine plays in a band and with the state of the music industry, it’s crucial that he finds his hidden gems. 
He can:
– write music
– play the guitar
– plays all types of instruments
– sing
– create a record
He knows:
– how the music industry works
– what makes a good concert
– what the people want
– how to promote yourself as a musician
– how to build a brand
– get booked in concerts
He has:
– connections to other bands and promoters
– an easy “in” to more connections
– a brand
– charisma
– credibility
And the list goes on.
These are all things that are unique to him. That a starting band would love to have. So it’s important to use them.  
Once you’ve extracted these gems, dream up ways on how you could use each one of them to serve people in a different way.
Wether you’re an entrepreneur, artist or work for in an organization. Finding your hidden gems is key to expanding your possibilities.

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