Hiring Superstars

The most expensive lessons I’ve learned in business have come from hiring the wrong people.

Poor candidates lie all the time. They lie in resumes, interviews and references. Most books on how to get hired teach candidates deceptive tactics on how to say what the employer wants to hear. Leaving an employer thinking they have a superstar to later find out they don’t.

By far the most important criteria in hiring is honesty. When you have honesty at least you can have a clear picture of the problems that exist towards your goal. A liar leaves you guessing and sucking time and energy away from the goal.

Honesty takes time to detect. Time that employers are usually not willing to give up or pay for. But there’s no way around it. You have to spend time sharpening your axe if you want to cut down more trees. The more time that is placed upfront deciphering the right candidate, the lower the chance of hiring a dud and the higher the chance of finding a true superstar.

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