How to execute on your dream

I’m tired of seeing people with so much potential give up on themselves.
I’m tired of hearing excuses.
The best way to execute on your dream is to just do it.

To stop procrastinating and start doing.
Procrastination is a lack of confidence.
Stop obsessing over perfection.
Doing things perfectly or waiting for the perfect time.
Just dive in and things will happen.
Everything else is an excuse.
It’s a big lie to yourself.
Even if things don’t go the way you think they might.
You’ll never learn faster than jumping in.
You have to trust yourself.
Believe in yourself that things will work out.
You want to travel the world?
Step 1 is to book a flight.
Don’t plan to leave in a year, leave next week.
Sounds unrealistic and scary doesn’t it?
Yes, bad shit is bound to happen.
People around you will freak out.
But great things will happen too.
You may meet someone that will change your life.
If you have trouble acting, the key is to stop hesitating and jump in.
The longer you hesitate the worst it gets.
If you jump in, all the little problems you are facing will disappear.
Because you’re following your dream. You’re preoccupied executing.
You will be in a complete state of panic forcing you to take action right away.
Jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down.
You will learn so much about yourself.

Being afraid to act is stupid. It’s a waste of a life.
Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself or to lose everything.
You have one life to live, you’re going to die like the rest of us, so make it count.

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