How to Fight Fear


A man was hiking a mountain. He got his timing wrong and before he could reach his destination the sun started to set. It got so dark he couldn’t see where he was going. He was standing on a boulder and as he was about to step off he froze. He felt that he was standing on the ledge of a big drop. The more he felt around with his foot the more he was convinced. He stayed there all night paralyzed until the next morning the sun started to rise and to his surprise it was a 3 foot step and his destination was in sight. He laughed and made his way up.

Fear will stop you dead in your tracks if you let it. It’s the biggest reason people don’t achieve their dreams. But it’s the perception of fear that’s the issue. The voice in our heads or what Seth Godin calls the lizard brain.

2 steps to fight fear:

1. Question your excuses: When you’re scared it’s easy to make excuses. “I’m too old for that”, “I don’t need to do that”, “I’m not good enough yet”. These are all excuses you should be questioning.

2. Flex your courage muscle: When I go snowboarding it’s easy to justify not hitting a jump because I’m getting older but you don’t become a better snowboarder riding the bunny hill. Courage needs to be worked. It needs be developed like a muscle. The only way to do that is to hear the voice and try it anyway.

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