How to Stand Out

Screaming out loud is sure to make you stand out of a crowd but it’s kind of annoying and once they figure out there’s no reason, no one will trust you again. As I’ve said over and over again awareness and trust work together. Standing out is the easy part, it’s just a matter of doing something different. If everyone else’s product is white, go black and you’ll stand out but that can’t just be the end of it. There needs to be a reason for the story. In fact the story is exactly what I’m talking about.

like WHY did you make your product black?

A few years ago fish oil supplement companies would sell their fish oil capsules in clear bottles until someone realized the sun was destroying the fragile omega 3 when the product was shipped. The one’s who were quick to jump on the black bottle train stood out with trust because all other products were considered dead omega 3.

The story made the consumer feel something and ultimately switch their purchase decisions.

It’s easy to copy the nuts and bolts of something but it’s hard to copy the heart and soul. The Youligion of the business. Simon Sinek wrote a great book every entrepreneur should have on their book shelf called Start With Why. Wanting to stand out is great but knowing why you should stand out and leading with that story is even better.

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