How to Start Systemizing Your Business

It takes years to grasp certain business ideas and being the painter VS the paint is one of them.

Once you understand the concept yourself, you will want to teach others on your team. When you’re trying to teach these hard to grasp ideas to someone else it’s always faster to give them tools that will lead them to a new way of thinking.

Here’s an easy exercise to start becoming the painter.

Start with your job.

Write down everything you do in a day and beside it write down the amount of time each task takes you. Write everything from reacuring tasks to unexpected interruptions.

Commit to this exercise for 2 days.

Then with your mission in mind sit down and look over your list to see what’s getting in the way. See if there are things you’re doing that are not serving your mission. Things that are wasting time. See if there are things that should be delegated. Things that need to be stopped or updated.

Once you’ve identified what the essentials are refine them into an actionable list.

This exercise gives you a clear picture of a system, a workflow for that position.

Once you’ve done it for your own position, work on other positions in your company.

Now add a tool, like a checklist and document it to ensure consistency in work flow – helping you grow outside your business.

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