How to trust


I used to have trouble trusting people. Maybe that’s what led me to write a book about trust.

In the early days of leadership trust to me had to be earned over time. I felt like I had been cheated and lied to too many times. I used to think it took at least three years to get to trust someone and I use to say that out loud. But one day I was about to hire this guy I had a really good feeling about. His transparency and honesty got to me. But when I called his past employer, the employer said that he can’t be trusted.

Where I would have normally have thrown his resume in the garbage. The next day I decided to have an in-person meeting with the guy. I know I’m not allowed to do this but I looked him in the eyes and told him what his past employer said about him. To be fair, I knew his past employer and his word didn’t mean much to me. But after a little talk I decided to hire him.

That employee stayed with me for many years. Not only could I depend on him, he turned out to be the highest performing employee I had. He was hard working, honest and breaking all the company records.

When I think back to the most successful business people I’ve known, they’re people who see the best in others. They don’t wait for trust – they just decide to trust and wait for people to either break it or soar like an eagle.

I found that people who feel appreciated will always do more than expected and the best way to trust somebody is to decide to trust them.

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