How to turn a negative situation around

A personal trainer and wise old friend of mine was working with a client for more than 5 years. One day one of his co-workers went behind his back and started telling his client that she could do a better job as a personal trainer than he does and that he should switched over to her.

She managed to convince the client to switch.

When I found out I was in shock. I was 19 years old also working as a personal trainer alongside them and I couldn’t understand how someone could do that to such a kind hearted person like my friend.

But what shocked me even more was his reaction.

My friend had been promoting fitness events and he knew that what this personal trainer wanted more than anything was recognition.

Instead of confronting her about steeling a client from him he asked her if she would like to be a guest at his event where he would present her with an award in front of the whole crowd.

I can remember the look on her face like it was yesterday. It was a mix of honor, confusion and guilt all at the same time.

I’ve only recently realized how amazing it was of him to do that.

Because you can’t fight hate with hate, it just doesn’t work. Hate is like a dark room, you can’t make it bright by adding more darkness. The only way to change the darkness it is to turn on the light. To show someone the opposite of hate: Love.

When someone is mean or angry at you it’s not because they mean to be. It’s because they’re in pain and the only way they know how to let it out is to throw their hate on to others.

By showing his co worker love he managed to turn an enemy into a friend for life.

It’s one of the most beautiful examples I’ve seen of turning a situation around and a lesson our humanity could use these days.

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