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I Don’t Love Working Out But Here’s Why I Do It

Working out may not feel extremely fun all of the time. In fact, you may find yourself leaning toward NOT working out more than you do toward getting up and heading to the gym. As the owner of multiple personal training centres, I often get asked by people, “How do you stay motivated to work out? You seem to be able to do it SO easily!”

The truth is, I struggle with motivation, too. I don’t particularly enjoy working out because, just like so many other people, there are times when I’d rather sit down and eat a donut. But… I feel like working out is the better decision. A smart move, if you will.

I see working out as an investment in my future. Not necessarily so that I can live longer and outrun my friends in this rat race we call life but rather to prolong my ability to experience the world. To be able to live life to the fullest until I no longer can. To not give up on myself while I still have a lot of life left to live.

What about you? What motivates you to work out? I’d love to hear more about that in the comments below.

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