I refused this coaching client on Friday

He’s probably going to read this but I don’t care.

He was willing to pay me a $1000 an hour as my websites states but when I talked to him all he did was talk and never listened. He was referred to me from a reader of this blog but because of he wasn’t a reader himself he didn’t get the value I can bring to the table.

I remember this from being a personal trainer. A client would come in saying they want to get ripped and want me to work on their abs every day in the gym. I would tell them the truth – that if they wanted to get ripped they needed to change their nutrition yet these types of people refused to listen. They didn’t get it.

The easy thing to do is to take their money but here’s the result:

They’re not going to get the results they want.
They’re not going to be happy.
They’re not going to spread good news.

And the whole time you will sit there hating the work you are doing.

Life is too short to be doing work that sucks with people that don’t value what you do. Focus on the people who do and realize that you’re never for everyone.

If you want to lead your tribe like a conductor, you’ll have to be able to turn your back on the crowd.

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