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If you want something done right, DON’T do it yourself


When I coach people for business my goal is to get down to the core of the issue. From the business owners perspective the core issue always seems to be an external one. Blaming problems on this person or that person not doing their job.

But when I dig deeper it’s almost always a personal issue. In fact it’s almost always a false belief – a metaphor that is underlining their decision making. Sometimes this false belief has been adopted from a bad experience of the past and being projected into the future and other times they simply receive poor advice from someone that they believe to be successful. But these false beliefs are what limit our ability to grow beyond ourselves.

Let’s take a popular metaphor and give it some context.

“If you want something done right, do it yourself”

This sentenced was coined by french writer Charles-Guillaume Étienne. Of course he’s a writer, not a business owner. Writing is a solitary game, you don’t need to lead people, you just sit down write and ship it to the world.

Now take that belief and apply it to business and you end up with a leader that tries to do everything themselves, that can’t trust anyone, that lacks free time, that’s stressed out and that can’t grow beyond themselves.

If you want to grow beyond yourself you have to change your deep rooted belief and say “If you want something done right, DON’T do it yourself” instead have a systematic way of showing people how to become a good at what you do – so you don’t have to be tied up doing that work.

We must face the truth here that very few people are superstars at anything from the start. It’s like learning to play an instrument. You can’t just pick up an instrument and be good at it, you suck at first and overtime you suck less and then you become good. It takes practice to get better.

Leadership is about acting like conductor of an orchestra not trying to be the best violinist and the base player. Until you change your limiting beliefs, nothing is going to change.

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