Why I’m Choosing to Help People Become Entrepreneurs


I’m a coach at heart. I started out my career as a personal trainer at the age of 17 with a passion for helping people get healthy. The early part of my career focused on exercise which led me to realize that exercise without proper nutrition didn’t make you healthy. For the next 7 years I would research everything I could about nutrition but still there was an obstacle. Nutrition only works when you stick to it and those that are stressed have a very hard time doing that, see here.

Meanwhile I had built a chain of fitness studios. I had the freedom over my time and decisions. I maintained a great life-balance. I had built a business that I could “see” myself in – leaving my heart fulfilled everyday. I wasn’t stressed or scared of not reaching a quota or losing a job. I was in my element as my own boss. Which made living a healthy lifestyle a lot easier.

When you go to a job and you already know there’s a cap on what you can achieve and on how much of a difference you can make – it erodes your self-esteem. Similarly if you’re stuck in your business taking on everything yourself, running on adrenaline you end up burnt out and unhealthy.

Last year at the age of 33 I sold my chain of fitness studios for over seven figures to focus on the next chapter in my life – to help people become renegade entrepreneurs. To remove the shackles and become free.

My wife and I will be doing a Facebook Live video on my page Thursday at 12:30pm to talk about this.

I hope to see you there.

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