The Most Important Quality of an Entrepreneur


Integrity is the glue that holds all relationships together. It creates confidence in relationships between your brand and your customers, your business partners and your staff. Integrity is built by consistently acting according to your values.

Values are your standards of behaviour. They’re your judgment as to what’s important to your brand.

It helps to write down your values for yourself and your business. It helps you get a clear sense as to what matters. It serves as a guide for your decision making process. The more your decisions are in line with your values, the more trust you will gain. The more trust you gain the better your brand will be and the more you will benefit.

The most trusted brands are the one’s that have been the most consistent over a long period of time. There’s something magical that happens when you’re constantly acting in a certain way. Getting tempted by short term gains is easy but it can come at the expense of long term pain. When people recognize inconsistencies in someone’s brand they start to lose trust. And once trust has been lost, it’s very hard to regain.

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