The cab driver tells me that he doesn’t know what he would do without a GPS anymore. Once you’ve used a GPS it’s hard to go back to using your internal compass – your intuition. It’s easier to follow instructions.

The GPS is like school. It gives you tuition but not IN-tuition. I know because I’ve worked with enough students over the years and they get out of school waiting for someone to tell them what to do next or waiting for a gold star once they’ve done a good job.

In the real world the reward for learning is not a piece of paper, a start or a pat on the back. In the real world the reward for learning is the thing you learn. If you want to learn Spanish the reward is that you can now talk with Spanish people. In the real world it’s the one’s who create the maps that get the rewards, not the one’s who follow them.

Today teenagers go from asking to go to the washroom to being dropped in the work place wondering what they’re going to do the rest of their lives. They’ve lost their intuition.

Next time a student asks you for advice don’t give it to them, remind them to turn the GPS off and to start listening to themselves.

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