Is Food Manipulation Causing Food Addictions?

There’s a lot of manipulation that goes on in making us addicted to food.

Heinz, for example, had a challenge. A study came out in the early nineties on how we acquire taste. The study showed that any food a child consumes before the age of 3 will most likely lead to habitual consumption over that persons lifetime.

The problem for Heinz was that their glass bottle put the parent in charge – giving the child too little exposure.

This was until Heinz designed the “easy squeeze pop lid” designed specifically to solve this problem. Now kids can enjoy the sugary concoction on just about any food.

To my surprise I had a look at their home page and that was the exact image advertised. A kid squeezing a bottle while the dad smiles. Does this feel wrong to you? I don’t know what to think of it. Sound off in the Facebook group — link is below!

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