Jumping from Rock to Rock

My daughter Aspen was trying to cross a small stream where she had to jump from rock to rock. She stood at the edge of one of the rocks frozen in fear at the cold water below. I knew she could easily make the jump but she was doubting herself.

She finally built up the courage and jumped where she landed on the other rock safely. She smiled and spent the rest of the time jumping rock to rock.

The first rock is the scariest after that it gets easy.

The only way to learn to walk is by being willing to fall down. If we never fell down, we would never walk. So you can’t worry about falling.

Many of us stand on that rock with a great idea. Worried it won’t work. Worried we’re not good enough to make it happen. Worried what others will think if we put ourselves out there.

Yet an idea is worth nothing without putting it out there.

If you avoid failure you’re also going to avoid success.

So stop overthinking it and take the leap.

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