Know Your Worth

There’s a personal trainer I used to work with that had trouble asking for money. Everyone loved him because he was talented and caring but also (secretly) because he was a bargain. People would ask for deals and he didn’t have the heart to say no. Though he continued to gain experience and though personal expenses continued to rise – his price stayed the same. From the outside he looked like he was thriving. He was busy from morning to night but one day he broke down telling me he was thinking about giving it all up. He told me how much he had made in a year and for the work he was putting in that he mine as well get a job working for someone else.

I told him he needed to increase his price. I tried to show him how the value he was giving far outweighed the price he was charging. I tried to lift him up but still, he couldn’t do it. He blamed it on the fact that he was too nice and his pity story was that nice guys finish last. The reality was that he was in his element but his lack of confidence and his inability to have difficult conversations made him lose his passion. It’s a sad ending because he ended up quitting for a boring job that paid the bills.

Sometimes the hardest part of the entrepreneurial journey is believing you’re worthy of it.

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