Leadership and Attracting Superstars


My sister Ashley worked with me at Free Form Fitness for 7 years. It was one of the greatest parts of my journey. I miss the pure candor. Being able to both speak our minds without personal judgement like siblings can do. Always knowing that we had each others best intentions in mind.

She was in business school and I convinced her to get out. I told her she would learn way more by practicing with me.

I saw Ashley grow from an employee to a manager and then to a leader. I’m not saying this because she’s my sister.

One time I had a manager I had to let go. We replaced them with another manager, then another until we started to realize that the managers we were hiring were too soft for that team. They would act like friends instead of leaders and this team was filled with strong personalities. They needed a strong leader and the team had lost trust for whoever was going to come next.

I often threw my sister into uncomfortable situations but I did it because I knew in my heart that it was the only way she would grow as I had.

I told Ashley I needed her to drop the location she was at and go turn the chaotic location around. She agreed.

A few days later we had a meeting with all the staff. I was walking with her and she was quiet, I could tell she was getting in the zone.

She entered the room with fire in her eyes. She went on a rant about how little of their potential they were using. How they could all be making more money and that she was going to help them get there. She told everyone that together they are going to turn the business around. And finished off by saying that if people don’t want to change that the door was right there and they are free to leave right now if they don’t want to work as a team.

The numbers in the business went up ever since that day. She would attract and inspire other leaders. And those people didn’t end up hating her, they started respecting her.

The only way to become a leader who attracts superstars is to be a superstar yourself.

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