Learning from your pain

When our knee is in pain we stop and say “something is wrong” we stop and question what it could mean? How it may have happened? Where the pain is coming from? The point is that we are aware and we question it. But when we have emotional pain we tend to ignore it. We’re driving on the highway and someone cuts us off and we get furious. Our blood pressure rises and we get angry setting a negative ripple effect for the day. We let them cause us pain and suffering and we never question why we do that to ourselves. We never question if getting angry really helps the situation, even though it never does? We never question if we really want to let this impact our day? Or why we can’t just let it go?

Micheal Singer in his book Untethered Soul makes you imagine that this thing you won’t let go is like a thorn stuck in the side of your arm that’s so deep it’s hitting a nerve. Now you can do two things with that thorn. You can try to put a bandage over it and every time someone touches it you scream and let it hurt you. You can carefully create a world where the people around you know not to touch the thorn. Or the second thing you can do is take out the thorn. To do that you first have to acknowledge the disturbance as a sign that you have a thorn. To ask yourself why the disturbances is happening in the first place. To treat the disturbance as an opportunity to learn what is really going on inside.

You know you have thorn when you start to feel a disturbance rising. You then have to stop and think “do I like to be disturbed? Do I want to enjoy my drive to work even though things happen? You have to have the awareness to stop relax and think. The more you do it, the better you feel. The more you do it, the stronger you will become at letting things go and the more joyful your life will be.

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