Living Deep

diving deep

So many people go through life swimming on the surface of the water.

They have shallow conversations, shallow relationships and do shallow work.

They choose to swim on the surface because they fear diving deep.

“It’s dangerous down below” they say.

“You could die.”

All our fears stem from the fear of death. Yet the fear of death is deep down the fear of not having enough time to dive deep.

Once the fear of death disappears all other little fears subside.

That’s why I recommend people read books about death like:

Tuesdays with Morrie, When Breath Becomes Air, The Measure of My Days or Man’s Search for Meaning 

Fear is part of our being and you can’t eliminate it but you can understand and control it.

Like approaching a lizard fear makes you freeze or go into hiding.

You don’t grow when you let fear control you – you shrink back into your mothers womb.

But when you have the courage to dive deep – to be vulnerable, to be yourself, to take a risk, to follow your heart magic happens.

Like coming out of a cave you didn’t know you were in and seeing all the beauty life has to offer.

Don’t be scared. Live deep!




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