Love, Freedom & Letting Go


A little girl loved her bunny so much that she squeezed it to death. Isn’t that sad?

But lots of parents in a way do that to their children. Lot’s of adults do that to their husband or wife.

They hold on so hard that they squeeze the life out of the other person.

They cling to an image so badly that when they finally have it they fear losing it – so they tighten their grip and end up destroy it completely.
They lose it and then they want it again creating a cycle.

This is attachment.

Life can’t be fully experienced when you can’t let go.
Like dancing your heart out on the dance floor.
To see things not as good or bad but rather just as they are.

I don’t mean to go through life mechanically never feeling emotion – quite the opposite actually.
I’m saying to fully participate with all your being yet not be attached to it.

I often hear people when they go on vacation say that they spend the last few days depressed that it’s almost over.

To remove attachment is to be happy that it’s happened rather than sad that it’s over.

If you can do that, then you’re free.

There’s people I know who don’t choose to make things their property and who don’t carry baggage with them. They are free.

The truth is that unless you learn to release your grip you can’t fully enjoy life for what it really is.

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