What Makes a Good Designer?


All good entrepreneurs at one point become good designers. In the early years, entrepreneurs usually become successful by making the right decisions for the brand. They make decisions that exploit every opportunity within their business. But there comes a time where innovation is needed to get to the next step. Yet innovation requires a whole other set of skills.

Entrepreneurs need to understand that design is an act of communication. The communication between the product or service and the customer. We’ve all experienced a one way conversation before. That annoying person who is always talking about themselves – never having the slightest interest in what you have to say.

How do you feel about those people? Probably not very good.

A good designer understands that it’s about the feeling we give people. A good designer gets to know the people they are designing for. They ask the right questions and they treat those people like a partner rather than a stranger. Good designers start with a deep understanding of the people who the product or service is communicating with. In a nutshell they do less talking and more observing.

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