Measuring Your Content Success


When I owned a fitness club, the success of the club was measured by the amount of memberships we sold. But I started to notice that less than half of the people who bought a membership ever showed up. And out of the people who showed up only a fraction knew what they were doing enough to see a change. Than one day a competitor arrived using sneaky tactics to get people in the door. I was in a panic so I tried some of those tactics and they worked at selling more memberships (in the short term) but I didn’t feel good about it and after a while people caught on so you had to come up with another gimmick. One day I was reflecting about why I had started my company in the first place. It certainly wasn’t to deceive people. It was to help people. Instead of measuring how many people came in the door I decided to start measuring the change we were trying to make. And it wasn’t until I changed what I was measuring that I started to succeed.

I’ve had a lot of emails lately from people telling me I’ve inspired them to start blogging and expressing their truth.
That for me is one of the best ways to repay me because that’s what I measure my success by.

So don’t fall for the traffic trap by trying to add to the noise, by using clickbait or dumbing down your content. Aim for the change you are trying to make.

Understand that it’s not going to happen overnight but if you don’t hold back and are consistently improving – the right people will find you.

You are now the media and you get to express whatever you want. You can decide who you want to help and you can decide to be gimmicky or honest.

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