The Mentor Who Helped me Raise My Standard


I had jumped into a quarter million dollar debt. I was working my ass off. Juggling many balls. I had to pay rent, I had 8 staff to pay, machines to repair and a never ending list of things to do. On top of that I was still personally training clients.

As the proverb goes: “chase two rabbits, catch none”

I was spreading myself thin and creating mediocre results across the board. One day my business mentor who had an unconventional way of nudging people said something I would never forget:

“You going to count reps your whole life?”

“Counting reps!” I felt insulted.

“All the work I put into helping him and all he thinks I do is count reps!”

It struck a nerve with me. And when nerves get struck I like to reflect on it – I’ve learnt over the years that insults are often insecurities. You can learn a lot by questioning your feelings.

I pondered that thought for a while until it started to sink in. He was right. I have more to give. I wanted to help more people but I was scared to let go of what I was doing and mostly who I was being.

It took me years to realize that spending my time personally training one person at a time was getting in the way of growing my business and helping hundreds and thousands of people. Though he managed to lose himself a trainer, my mentor didn’t really care. He cared more about helping me improve and I’m forever grateful for that. If that’s not a sign of a true leader I’m not sure what is.

But the idea infected me. I started to dislike answering the phone. I started to feel like a parrot repeating the same stuff. The passion was slowing because I knew I was being called to do bigger things. But I was scared of letting go, I was scared to trust.

Eventually I stopped working on the daily operations and I focused on the business. I learnt everything I could about leadership, finance, branding, managing, marketing, delivery and sales. I read 3 books a weeks about business. I ended up growing to 4 fitness studios, turned them self operated by a fantastic management team, licensed the studios in other cities and sold them all for a price that excited me.

You can choose to stay comfortable or you can choose to raise your standard and believe you can do it.

Do you truly believe in the problem you are solving for people?
Do you truly believe that your work is important?

…then why wouldn’t you want to spread your magic to the rest of the world?

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