Milk: It Doesn’t Do The Body Good

It’s time that you question what you’ve been told.

Milk is garbage.

Contrary to their ads, it doesn’t do the body any good. There are many problems with milk but let me highlight a handful.

The problem isn’t the milk itself but the pasteurization of it. Pasteurization kills the very fragile “good” bacteria that is meant to populate our digestive track. The bacteria destroyed produces lactase – the enzyme responsible for digesting lactose. No wonder most people have trouble with milk! But that’s not all.

Pasteurization also destroys and distorts carrier proteins and creates an immune response for the body. An immune response raises inflammation which is linked to auto-immune diseases, heart disease dementia and more. It destroys important vitamins like B12.

It’s also a major contributor of acne. I feel for teenagers with acne problems, if only they knew that dropping milk could help them clear it up. Skim milk is even worse, it depletes vitamin A that is needed for bone metabolism (go figure).

So, what’s the alternative?

My favourite alternatives are: raw cheese, kefir, butter from grass fed cows as well as a lot of dark green vegetables.

Here are some resources you may enjoy:

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