My 3 Year Old & Fear

My 3 year old daughter jumped off the dock the second I said it was OK to do so.

She must have jumped off 20 times that day, going over and over again.

Yesterday, an older friend of hers came over to our house. The friend stood at the end of the dock, scared to jump in.

The friend shouted “But there’s seaweed” and asked “is it deep enough?”

I looked at my daughter and said, “go show her” but to my surprise she was now scared. Her friend had got her thinking that there was something to fear even though there wasn’t.

This little incident made me realize how much of fear is something we learn from others as oppose to falling ourselves. By the time we are adults, we’ve collected many stories to reinforce those fears.

“It’s too risky”, “It’s too hard.”

Is it? Or are these just someone else’s fear that you’ve taken as your own. As much as this is a good thing to keep us safe when we’re toddlers. If we continue this pattern into adulthood, it limits our grow. Because comfort/safety and growth don’t co-exist.

I don’t know any successful business person, artist or athlete that has succeeded staying in their comfort zone. What makes them unique is the fact that they took a chance and took a different route.

Nothing can crush your dreams more than fear. So don’t let other people’s opinions become your reality. If you believe in your dream, go for it.

Jump in.

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