What You Need to Know About Breakfast Cereal

The ugly truth about cereal: I’m not just talking about the colourful kind. Millions of children and adults around the world wake up to a bowl of cereal every day.

The commercials tell us they’re healthy but are they?

Let me break it down.

Before the wheat or corn reaches the factory it has been sprayed with different pesticides. A study by Dr. Seneff showed that ingesting the herbicide round up (the most popular herbicide used) leads to destroying beneficial gut microbes in the digestive track, that lead to disease and degeneration. The wheat or corn is then heated, crushed and coated with processed sugar and additives which I’ll assume you already know the effects of processed sugar. In the case of puffed cereal like Cheerios they get their shape by a machine called an extruder were it pushes the corn through a small hole using extreme heat and pressure. This process changes the structure of the protein to look much like a toxin in the body. This now foreign protein increases your chances dementia-related diseases where proteins aggregate in the brain like Alzheimer’s. They are then coated with vegetable oil another highly processed food associated with cancer, heart disease and learning disabilities. Finally they are baked at high temperatures killing any nutrition that may have been left and sprayed with synthetic vitamins.


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