Need To Scale Successfully? Grow Your Leadership Skills First

I can remember that feeling like it was yesterday.

A bunch of guys all sitting in the dressing room waiting to get in the game.

The coach would walk in and say:

“listen up!”

The room would turn silent as he started talking about the strategy.
Once the strategy was over we all took a minute of silence to visualize what we were about to do.
Then we all did a big cheer together and stormed out filled with adrenaline.

When we left that dressing room we had a clear understanding of our role
and we were all ready to operate as a unit.
Hungry, exhausted or filthy it didn’t matter.
It was great but mostly it was effective.

When it comes to leadership in any business, it’s the same thing as in sports.
Maybe the cheer is a little too much for the corporate world but the same principles apply.
If you want to grow you need to get the team to buy in.
If you need to make a big change you need the team to buy in.

You need to explain why the change needs to happen.
You need to remind them of the vision regularly.
And you need to speak candidly to get everyone aligned.

Once you have buy in from your team, the sky’s the limit.

That’s leadership.

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