The New Way To Teach

I’ve been mentoring a student for the last 4 years going through marketing in University.

I met him on his last day of school and though he’s found his passion,
he tells me that most of his friends are now unsuccessfully searching for jobs.

He says that most marketing jobs are looking for digital media experience and the curriculum at the
school barely touched on it. He tells me that they’re already panicking about stepping
into the “real world” and are already talking about the next safest move – to keep going to school.

The only thing that’s changed drastically in the last 20 years is the speed at which
technology has advanced. The internet has changed everything.

Video for example is a great way to teach. Much more powerful than sitting in class.
We learn much better visually and on our own time than learning by listening to a voice.

The old way of teaching a curriculum doesn’t make sense anymore. By the time it’s passed down to students
it’s outdated. Teachers are useful but need to take on a different role. Teachers need to turn into
coaches. Coach doesn’t give you answers instead they guide you towards the right resources. Instead
of passing down knowledge teachers should support students with these new technologies in order
to create value in the real world.

Of course that’s just a small change that needs to happen in this broken school system.

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