No One is Knocking


When it comes to jumping into business I often hear the excuse that there’s
already too many competitors doing what they want to do.

It may be true but chances are no one is knocking.

I would hire someone to cut my grass but no one’s knocked.
I would hire someone to clean my gutters but no one’s knocked.
I would hire someone to manage my websites but no one’s knocked.

I’m constantly in need of hiring people for different reasons.
I do all the work. I search, I ask for referrals and I make the call.

Yet the whole time someone could have just knocked and I would
have gladly paid them.

So if you’re not scared to knock, then you’re already ahead.

Your biggest competitor is not a competitor at all.
Your biggest competitor is that fearful voice in your head.
What Steven Pressfield calls the resistance in his great book The War of Art.

So gather up the courage and get out there and start knocking.

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