No One Talks About Average Stuff

Repost: I went to “Art Is In” on Sunday and the place was packed. Like I mean, my wife Chelsea and I could barely move. The other thing is that people aren’t just ordering breakfast and leaving like any other breakfast place. No, people are purchasing bread to go. Drastically increasing their order per customer.

If you haven’t been, let me describe it. First off, this place is in a warehouse type space that’s not the most convenient spot to get to. Once you’ve entered the parking lot you’re still not sure if you’ve made it there. The decor is mediocre and the fact that you have to wait in line, order and then look at someone waiting for the same table you want; is not the most comfortable situation.

But they are packed and it’s still one of my favourite spots.

When I went outside, I sparked up a conversation with a lady who was sitting with her dog and she explained to me that the restaurant had to stop serving bread to other restaurants because they didn’t want to dilute the quality of what they make. The fact that the customer knew this little story blew my mind.

You see, the reason why Art Is In is busy and the regular place down the street is empty is that:

1. They understand why they exist (their purpose) to give you the best quality food you can get and you can sense it in everything they do.


2. They’re being themselves instead of trying to be like every other restaurant making them worth talking about.

Now, the natural thing to do in business is to ask customers what they want and to change accordingly. The problem with this is that customers come with all sorts of experiences from other places (like your competitors) and listening without first aligning will turn your brand to be like everyone else’s.

The secret to being worth talking about is to first know your purpose, embrace your craziness in a way that gives your customers stories they can tell their friends.

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