No Rain, No Flowers


I had a challenging week last week.

A close friend was in the hospital.
I lost a few great people on my team at MIYAGI.
I had to have a serious heart to heart with my operations person (which happens to be my step dad).
And I had a hard meeting with my other team (about to launch a business together) where I felt like it was about to crumble.

I was tempted to just smoke a joint and to forget about it all but I resisted.

Instead I meditated and sat with the feelings and allowed them to pass by me like a dark cloud in a storm, and you know what?

My friend is ok. The people who left showed me what was wrong with my business systems. My step dad and I have never felt so close in my whole life and my team and I couldn’t be more in synch and ready to take on this new venture (which I’m excited to share with you soon).

I realize now that without the rain, there are no flowers. That challenges are part of the journey and there’s no sense in attaching your mood to the highs and lows. When faced with challenges don’t try to escape it or to even control it. Life is short so simply choose to be joyful. To “grow” with the flow. And trust that the rain will pass and that flowers will bloom.

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