It’s Not ADHD, It’s Called Being a Kid


My wife was at a parent teacher meeting and one of the teachers freaked out on one of the kids because he wouldn’t sit still and listen. The kid wasn’t doing anything destructive he was just wanting to play. The kids mom mentioned that she think he may have ADHD as-if this is a normal thing.

The truth is it’s unnatural for kids to sit there and be forced to listen to a teacher.
I mean as an adult I can barely sit through anything I’m not interested in.

This is society trying to conform a perfectly normal human being.
There’s a billion dollar pharmaceutical industry built around ADD and ADHD.

Kids are excited. They have a lot of energy to burn. They’re born little explorers and leaders testing the boundaries. It’s how they learn.

Now of course some kids do actually have learning disabilities but the majority don’t.

The majority are fed garbage food, expected to pay attention.

Almost every successful entrepreneur I know could be considered ADHD.
By trying to conform and drug kids for being kids – we’re killing the creative entrepreneurs and artists of the future.

Parents, use your intuition.

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