The Old Way VS The New Way To Market Yourself

The ultimate goal of a renegade is to change something. Something you feel should be better.

That’s what Steve Jobs, the Grateful Dead, Martin Luther King and just about anyone worth talking about did.

For the last 100 years our economy has been built on the factory model. Which goes like this:

Create something for the majority of the population. Make it cheap, average and cost efficient to produce.
Then annoy the shit out of everyone with ads and jingles on the three major stations until they buy it.

This is the top down model where the brand at the top is yelling down to it’s prospects.

Well things are different now. The image above is our second world. We’re now in the connection economy. There’s not three channels anymore, there’s three million. Our connected world is now fragmented into different silos of interests. The book Tribes by Seth Godin explains it well.

Just look at the category of fitness as an example. There’s the yoga people, and the crossfit people, the running people, the powerlifter people, the bodybuilder people and the longevity people and many others.

They all believe in staying in shape but their worldviews are very different and you will never be able to market to all of them effectively.

Leading effectively in the connection economy is about connecting with the people that match your values.

The good news is, that you don’t need to reach a million people to make a living now. Kevin Kelly wrote
that you only need to reach 1000 true fans.

Imagine a comedian, a band, a service or product who attracts only the people that are already in love with what they do instead of
the people that just show up oblivious. That’s how it has to be done these days unless you’re an A -list celebrity hanging on to the legacy of the old model.

Now more than ever, it’s about connecting the disconnected. It’s about breaking the traditional rules and saying “not me”. Forget about trying to fit in. Times are changing and the faster you figure out who you are and what you are trying to change the faster you will see the rewards.

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