On Expert Customers


I don’t know the owner of Knifewear but when I walked by their store I couldn’t help but stop and notice. On the wall, closest to the sidewalk is a wall filled with pictures of chefs who’ve purchased their knives at Knifewear. When I went inside I was greeted by a man who showed me the difference between a cheap knife and a good knife. He even showed me a hand-made knife from a Japanese craftsman with a price tag of $1500.

The thing I like about Knifewear is that it’s clear who their customers are “People who can appreciate high quality knives”. But what I like even more is how they displayed their expert customers on the wall. Here’s why:

Emanuel Rosen author of The Anatomy of Buzz found that people who see themselves as experts tell twice as many people as non experts. That one of the best ways to increase buzz for your business is to attract, impress and display your expert customers.

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