Creativity x Organization = Impact

Score yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for each creativity and organization. It’s common to see someone who is a 10 in creativity be a 0 in organization (or the other way around.) But 10 multiplied by…


Positive Parenting

The child wants to go play outside but it’s raining. The parent says “The weather is bad out.” But is the weather really bad? It’s good for the flowers and trees and fish and the whole ecosystem. We need…


2 types of people

I was having a discussion with an old wise man yesterday, someone I’ve been creating a great friendship with these days. He said something to me that resonated. He said there are two types of people in this world.…


3 changes to a better world

1. Ignorance to wisdom Ignorance is about deliberately ignoring important information. It’s about hiding from the truth. We’ve been encouraged to act ignorant most of our lives. Don’t worry about what’s going on, just watch tv, drink beer and…


4 business equations

There’s 4 important equations that oversee the overall success of a business. They are: Cost of acquisition, service margin, churn rate and lifetime value. Cost of aquisition How much does it cost you to gain a customer? If you…


Cultivating positive moments

I watched this woman from the coffee shop window drive up in her Mercedes, she’s carrying a handbag that could feed a village yet she’s unhappy. As she comes in the energy changed, she complained about the line up,…


The Near Future of Technology

It’s impossible to predict where a rain drop will fall but you can predict that it’s going from the sky to the ground. That’s how editor of wired magazine Kevin Kelly once described his ability to predict technology. In…


8 ways to serve better than your competitors

I met with a client a while back that owns 6 restaurants. Two of them were making money and the others weren’t. When I looked at the menu everything was organic and health conscious which I loved but I…


Giving up control

You gain control by giving it away. Sounds weird but it’s true. That’s how your body works too. Your heart pumps without your control. You lungs breath without your control. Your mind works without your control. Letting go is…


Be the qualities you seek in others

One of my heroes is Richard Branson not only because of the level of success he’s achieved but because of the way he lives his life on his island doing what he loves. But if I dig a little…


3 truths about success

A friend of mine tells me she’s been thinking about this business idea for the last three years. She can’t get it out of her head and now she’s working on making it a reality. Many of the business…


Before you start a business get a market fit

Timex watches were being sold in pharmacies before they changed their position in the market and made it successful. Dixie cups were sold with water fountains before they made it successful. Kleenex was a makeup removal product before they…