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Pragmatic Marketing

I had a call with Stephen, the CEO of qfit today. He started marketing his software to fitness club owners. When I first talked to him about marketing the discussion was vague. But today he knows that for every…


Bad Service

The restaurants here in Greece always bring you your bill right after you order. The server at the restaurant put seven meals on our bill even though we were only six people. It was clear that he made a…


Courage to Live Life

There was a lady sitting in the lobby at the hotel. She was telling her family she didn’t want to go swimming because the water was too cold. Then she didn’t want to go in the sun because it…


How To Kill Creativity

I just read this story in Norman Leir‘s book that I had to share with you: “Fire” Yells someone in a theater. Immediately everyone stampedes toward the exits. What do they do at the exit door? Push. If the…


The Element of Surprise

I just got back from a restaurant in Santorini where I saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. Friends of mine had been there a few days before and liked it so much that they convinced me to…


Don’t Know or Don’t Care

The service at this restaurant I went to was horrible. When it comes to staff it’s either they don’t know or they don’t care. You can work with someone who doesn’t know but you can’t do anything about someone…


Growth Strategy

This guy just zoomed pass me on his bike. People think of Uber as a cab company. But Uber doesn’t sell cabs it sells convenience. Everything is more convenient with Uber. The payment, the rating. The fact that you…


What Business Are You Really In?

Nike doesn’t sell shoes. It sells inspiration. Jack Daniel’s doesn’t sell alcohol, it sells honesty. Lego doesn’t sell plastic bricks, it sells creativity. People don’t buy products or services. They buy the feeling they get from them.…