Positive Parenting

The child wants to go play outside but it’s raining. The parent says “The weather is bad out.”

But is the weather really bad? It’s good for the flowers and trees and fish and the whole ecosystem. We need rainy days s much as sunny days.

It’s not good or bad, it’s just raining. Yet we tend to label things as good or bad.

If you had one day left to live you would be dancing in the rain. Rain wouldn’t only be good it would be beautiful.

We have to be careful of using labels.

A good society comes from positive minds. There’s enough negativity in the news and all around us. If we give them a negative mind, they will find the negative in even positive situations.

We need to encourage positivity. Even if there’s something negative, we should try to see something positive in it as there is bound to be.

And if your child becomes capable of seeing the positive even in negative situations, then you’ve given them something special. You’ve given them the gift of happiness.

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