Passion Creates, Addiction Consumes

creates don't consume

The average person is on Facebook 50 minutes a day not including other social media channels. The stats show that the average person also watches 2.5 hours of TV per day.

So I’m being conservative when I say we’re wasting at least 3 hours a day where we could be doing something that enhances our life.

It’s clear that we have an addiction to screens.

Psychologist Gabor Mate explains the difference between a passion and an addiction:

“A passion creates, an addiction consumes.”

All this screen watching is an escape from the meaning you could be creating.

A good test is to ask yourself if what you are choosing to do with your time makes you better or worse tomorrow.

Same goes for hanging around people that drain your energy vs energize you.
Deciding to eat poorly or to drink alcohol.

If you want to create your life, you have to stop escaping it.

Take those 3 hours a day and put them towards something meaningful.
Life doesn’t have a meaning, life is an opportunity to create meaning for yourself – if you don’t waste it.

Meaning doesn’t come from being a viewer. Meaning comes from participating in life.
From getting in the game instead of watching everyone else play.

Wether you want to create a business on the side or create the perfect body in the gym or take up a new hobby – always remember my ABC’s of meaning:

Always Be Creating.

It’s never a time issue, it’s always a priority issue.

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