Interview Series with Jean-Luc Boissonneault

In this interview series, you’re going to hear from me, Jean-Luc Boissonneault. Here’s the show synopsis:

Jean-Luc Boissonneault is an entrepreneur who has one of those rags to riches stories. The kind that inspires people to want to get off the couch and do something with their lives. Jean-Luc started with nothing but an idea and created a life out of it… but it wasn’t always easy and he learned a lot of tough lessons along the way.

Over a series of short interviews, we’re going to talk to Jean-Luc about the early days of his business. Where the idea for his first business came from, what motivated him to launch the business and how he shaped the idea into something tangible. And, how he cut through the negative voices to push forward.

You can listen to the audio here on iTunes.

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