Powering through mistakes

I’m learning to play the guitar and yesterday I kept screwing up and stopping and starting over again. Then a friend who is much more experienced than I am told me to focusing on correcting my mistake and to power through it. So that’s what I did and it made a huge difference. Instead of stopping after I hit the wrong chord and trying to adjust I just kept playing and trying to catch up to the melody. The more I played without stopping the quicker I was able to play the song.

That little piece of advice made a big difference in the result I was trying to get and it reminded me of a universal truth. To stop focussing on your mistakes and realize that failing is just part of the learning process. That success comes by fumbling your way towards the finish line and that repetition is what matters.

We all stumble, it’s just a matter of getting back on our feet as fast as possible and doing it over and over again.

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