Profitable Waste

In nature, “waste” is food. Waste from one system becomes food for another system. Plants and animals decompose to make fresh soil. Where we breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, trees do the opposite. Nothing is wasted.

On my last trip to the Vancouver I decided to rent my house using Air Bnb. Instead of my house being vacant/wasted I received enough money from a renter to pay for my trip. You can now do the same with car sharing and other stuff. Patagonia just did something unique, they just launched a new store called worn wear where instead of their customers throwing their cloths to waste, Pantagonia will repair, resell and give you a store credit for more cloths. Kind of like what we do with beer bottles.

Look around at what you are wasting and see if you can turn iyour waste to profit. Maybe it’s a product people only use occasionally, maybe it’s expensive machinery that sits unused, maybe it’s a time slots or a back room not being used.

Who knows it may just spring up a whole new revenue stream.

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