Projections from the past

My dog Stevie is always yapping away. If he’s not attacking the cat, he’s barking at a squirrel or at what’s going on on TV. Every time he does, my blood pressure rises. I get emotional.

But then I look at my daughter who’s 6 years old and it doesn’t even phase her.

But looking back into my childhood, we always had a hectic house with dogs. My step dad was really impatient with the dogs and would freak out when the dogs were loud. I realize that my dog barking is a trigger for me simply because I mimicked my step dad from the past.

Though this is a silly example, we deal with frustrations everyday that are simply projections from the past. It takes awareness to stop, take a breather and thinking about why something disturbs you. But it’s the only way to grow.

So the next time something gets a rise out of you, stop, take a breath and think about why you’re so upset.

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