Push VS Pull Advertising

If you live in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver and you’re tired of searching for events coming up, Norm at does the work for you by curating a list every week that gets sent to your inbox.

Now if you search Google for things to do in your city you will soon realize that there are a ton of websites filled with incomplete and cluttered lists. If you’re someone that goes out a lot, this gets annoying. fixes that problem. But it’s important for them to know that they are in the “pull” business, not the “push” business.

Thingstodoevents could easily spend their time on SEO, trying to outrank the other sited but the problem is when people land on their website they want information immediately and that’s not what thingstodoevents is about.

It’s for people who don’t want to waste time searching and want a pro-active approach to receiving updates.

Thingstodoevents needs to use push marketing and needs to do an amazing job at providing their subscribers with a complete clutter free list. They also do contests to give their subscribers perks like free VIP tickets to different events.

They’ve received thousands of subscribers this way.

Of course we would all love to dominate the push and pull but some businesses aren’t conducive to it. And may be more wise to focus time and money on the right strategy. Look at your customers and what they are really buying and figure out what makes most sense.

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